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One Stop and Single Point of Call for all Printing and Distribution

With Accurate’s full service printing and distribution, you’ll be guided as much, or as little as you need through the process from design to planned distribution. 90+ years of expertise will help make your promotion as successful as possible. 

Our Process - Start to Finish

Your business promotion is an investment in the future expansion of your enterprise. Accurate Distributing is the company to help with postcard printing and distribution expertise in the GTA, long established and trusted by those who make it their business to consistently perform effective promotion.

The Sequence

When you work with accurate, you have a huge advantage. We look after the whole process from start to finish with design, printing, and distribution managers all in the same location. It’s not uncommon for postcards to be in letterboxes only 48 hours after your design is approved!

1. Quote and Acceptance

We'll listen to what you need and want from your promotion. Which area, your message, your budget, and let you know how much the printing and distribution will be from start to finish.

2. Design and Approval

We'll take your idea, branding and the message you want to give people, and put it together in a postcard that will grab attention! Have your own design? No problem! Send it to us, and we'll prep it for printing.

3. Pre-press Preparation

Now we have a design, it's time to prepare it for printing. Unlike simply hitting print on your colour printer, there are may steps that need to be put together to ensure that the finished product comes out right.

4. Printing

Accurate run our presses to produce quality postcards - fast. Our presses are set to produce your postcards with quality and in volume, and then hand them right on to finishing to get prepped for distribution.

5. Finishing and Distribution Prep

Completing a printing job is more than just take ir off the end of a press. Volume printing means that there can be as many as 9 or 12 postcards per sheet, and cutting them right ensures that the design we worked to a chieve still looks great. We prepare your order for distribution by bundling and boxing so your order arrives to distributors safely, just as you'd want it handed to your customers.

6. Distribution

According to the plan we made in your quote, we'll distribute your postcards with our expert distributors, or utilize the network of Canada Post to get your postcards to the homes or businesses that you want to have your message.